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Sudoku Game With C++ ,using 2-D array,filling,functions and conditional statements.

This Sudoku Game is my Final project for first semester.

This game is build by using some basics of c++. This include functions,2 D arrays,filling which is used to read the problem of Sudoku from a file,and some conditional statements.

The logic that I build is that my program read the problem from a text file and then display it on console my program also read the solution of problem from a text file which I used to compare the number entered by user with solution file when all the boxes are correctly filled the screen show you win the Game.

I also include the levels in this like Easy ,Medium and Hard

Screen Shots:




 Source Code Link:


but it is password protected.

In order to get password contact me.

And also send your information that who are you and for what purpose do you need source code.